A Halloween episode to remember


Trying to pick one Halloween episode as my favorite was difficult, but I really couldn’t manage to choose anything other than the “Boy Meets World” Halloween special, ‘And Then There Was Shawn.’ 

How could anyone forget the “South Park” reference, ‘Oh my god, they killed Kenny!’



You have to love Cory Matthews’ humor. 

This episode was filled with references relevant at the time it was released. Jennifer Love Hewitt made a guest appearance as ‘Jennifer Love Fefferman.’ This was the time when she was known for her role in “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” 

The creepy janitor, tormented Mr. Feeny  and Angela’s scream made for a memorable episode to be celebrated each year on Halloween.

So embrace the holiday spirit tomorrow and share it some of your favorite characters. 



2 thoughts on “A Halloween episode to remember

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